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HDPE/PP/PVC Double Wall Corrugated Pipe And Ribbed Pipe Extrusion Line
Steel Reinforced Spiral Pipe Extrusion Line
HDPE Water Suppply Pipe, Gas Pipe Energy-saving And High Speed Extrusion Line
Special Use Single Wall and Double-wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line
Large Diameter HDPE Water Supply And Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line
HDPE Water Suppply Pipe, Gas Pipe, PP Chemical Usage Pipe And MPP Electrical
Wire Protection Pipe Extrusion Line
PP-RCT\PPR\PE-RT\PEX\PA Single Or Muti-layer Small Diameter Pipe Production Line
UPVC Pipe And CPVC Solid Pipe Extrusion Line
JWGK Series Automatic PVC Pipe Belling Machine
PP Super Silent Water Drainage Pipe Extrusion Line
High Pressure RTP Twisted Composite Pipe Extrusion Line
Single Layer Or Multi-Layer PP, PE Pipe Extrusion Die And PVC Pipe Extrusion Die
PE, PP , PVC Wood Plate Extrusion Line
YF Series PE,PP And Wood, PVC And Wood (Foamed) Panel Extrusion Line
PVC High Speed Profile & Foamed Profile Extrusion Line
PVC Siding Plate Extrusion Line
SJZ Series Counter Rotation Conical Twin-screw Pelletizing Extrusion Line
SJP Series Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder
SJZ Series Conical Twin-Screw Extruder
Main Technical Specifications Of HDPE High Efficiency Single Screw Extruder
Different Kinds Of Pipe Marking Line Co-extruder Or Profile Coating Co-extruder

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Single Layer Or Multi-Layer PP, PE Pipe Extrusion Die And PVC Pipe Extrusion Die


Jwell company design and manufacture different kinds of mould widly used for supply water,drain water,gas
supply,mining exploring,and Non-excavated areas.
Performance and advantages:
PVC wxtrusion mould design and optimization of double-stent flow of the design to make pipes with strong shock resistance.
PE extrusion mould with spiral distribution technology, combined with concentric, cone distibuter, suitable for any cross section
of single-or multi-extrusion, smooth spiral flow design have belows advantages:
●Providing high quality fluence,no any corner during fluent
●Lower consumption
●Lower melting temperature
●Clean runner quickly when changing color

Single layer extrusion mould
●HDPE it suitable for gas supply, water supply pressure
pipe, max diameter is 1600mm
●PPR suitable for 160mm hot water pipe
●PERT,PEX suitable for supply heating temperature underground
●PA suitable for car oil pipe and gas pipe

Multi layers co-extrusion mould
●EVOH oxygen resistance layer with a three-layer
co-extrusion of the hot water pipe
●With anti-friction or scratch the M-PP-dig tube layer
●Silicone inner layer with a silicon core pipe extrusion
●PE100 material with two or three layer co-extrusion water
and gas pipes, with diameters up to 1600mm.


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